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I'M CHANGED - Directed both camera operator and musician. Created motion graphics and edited footage. Produced project from beginning to end working with a limited budget and short deadline.  Created in 2014 and shot on a RED EPIC camera.

Songwriter Michael McLean recorded an album Changed about the battle of drug rehabilitation.  The music video was created as a form of music therapy.  

BIG O TIRES - Director of Photography on aerial shots of Thanksgiving Point, Capitol, Barn, and Heber Creeper.  Lead Producer responsible for props, talent, locations, and permits.   Created in 2013 shot on the RED EPIC camera.  

Big O Tires was looking for a way to re-brand themselves while also using their recognizable song and singing cowboy.  With the use of new UAS technology, I was able to capture some of Utah's most iconic and beautiful imagery. 

MAN BARBER - Directed talent.  Director of Photography on all footage.  Movi remote operator. Motion graphics creator and content editor. Created in 2016 shot on Black Magic and GH4.


The hipster subculture has always drawn my attention for it's love of 20's vintage fashion and modern twist.  The promo video for The Man Barber is communicating the independence of the hipster lifestyle without the use of dialogue. 

MWUSA - Motion graphics creator, scriptwriter, UAS operator for field shots, editing and VO direction. Created in 2016 shot using an Inspire and Phantom DJI system.

The non-profit MWUSA needed to create a descriptive animation to educate the public about the use of UAS (drones) and responsible operators. 




WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS - Art Department Crew responsible for prop mastery and historical accuracy researcher.  Assisted in set design and prop creation. Created in 2009 shot on Film. 

The short was created as a mock trailer that showed during the Grindhouse screening between Death Proof and Planet Terror.  The intention of the short was to make fun of the Nazis and their horrific experimentations on humans. It was interesting to work on, but ultimately lead me to working on non-horror specific projects.

GODZILLA - Directed actors, edited footage, created special effects with the exception of Godzilla's foot.  Produced by casting, budget, and props.  Created in 2015 shot on RED DRAGON.  

Brigham Young University created a new department to help students understand the importance of financial planning and wanted a short comedic narrative as a promo video.  The script and concept was designed to help students accomplish their goals. 

Internal Catacombs 

 - Lead Producer and Level Designer


  • Created schedules, pillars, and milestones for a three-week prototype.

  • Ran daily standups, creating backlogs and tasks. 

  • Designed first-person escape room horror maze.  

  • Designed maze and enemy interactions.  

  • Level layout of player gameplay path.

  • Designed jump scares and narrative pacing. 

Lolita: AR

- Fulfilled all roles. 

  • Designed an interactive story-based augmented reality centered on uniting story and location. 

  • Used the TORCH AR platform to create an interactive design. 

  • Created 40% of the art assets. 

  • Wrote, read, and recorded all of the audio. 

  • Ran tests to gain user research on the accessibly of AR content.  

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